Wednesday, August 31, 2005



again, I had a blast on that independent movie "family secrets". what a great bunch of folks. definitely would like to work with them again.

now it's back to editing Frank the Barber and taking on more projects. gotta keep the money coming in somehow.

have been awestruck by the aftermath images of hurricane Katrina. man. makes my situation look like a walk in the park. I'm sure those areas won't be the same for a long while. such a shame.

well, back to work.
~ Jeff

Sunday, August 28, 2005



the movie production is fin.
back to some sense of "normal" - which isn't fun but certainly is a welcomed change.
more later. time to regroup and get some things taken care of.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


adios, Director

our director left the set and quit the production yesterday. it was interesting to say the least, but not a surprise. i won't go into the details. let's just say it's par for the course. independent filmmaking at it's best and worst.

the good thing is production will continue and we're still getting paid. thanks to the Producer. he's really a cool guy.

so, back to set, back to the fray, back to the fun. stay tuned!
~ jeff

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


time to sleep

no time to really write much of anything. just nursing a guinness before bed.
long day.
we wrapped on that location.
it was getting old.
met some more film people. always a treat.
back on set at 10am tomorrow.
4 more days?
could be less.
don't know.
anyhow, time for shut eye.

Monday, August 22, 2005


long day

but a good day.
burritos went over well. i really do enjoy cooking for people. food is important for the overall mood and energy of the crew. that includes me, too.

the shoot is taking on a different shape now. tomorrow will be day four. then four more to go. I think the location is making us all feel claustrophobic.

time for a shower and sleep. still, i am looking forward to the rest of the production. good people, good fun. ciao.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


making connections...

it's great to be on set again, meeting more people. for the longest time I was feeling disconnected from the thrill of production. the past few days has reminded me why I love shooting movies so much. it's the people that make it worthwhile. Why do I feel right at home surrounded by a bunch of lunatic dreamers with a sense of humor and a passion for the absurd? Because I'm one of them.

I think independent filmmaking is like being in a traveling band of gypsies. We're modern day carnies. well -- in some fashion I suppose...

Friday, August 19, 2005


Crafty - that's me.

I worked craft service on a Sacramento production today. Lots of fun. Felt good to be on an indie set again - with fewer responsibilities. Usually I'm running around... like a crazy man. After the food is set up, it's cake from there on out.

Plus, I got to play a business guy passing $100 bills to a pair of naughty call girls on a hotel bed. They were dressed - barely...

ugh. Such is the life of filmmaking!


trying to add an image...


Welcome to my CineManifesto ::::::

Okay. This is my second attempt at a blog. Blogs don't just happen - you MAKE them happen. And I am giving this another shot.

I recently resumed editing my documentary "Frank the Barber" and will continue to keep my nose to the grind until it's complete. My goal is to have the final cut done by the end of 2005 - this year! Much work is ahead of me for sure...

I'm going to post updates and general news here regarding the editing... Would like to add something everyday which may or may not have anything to do with Frank - but it will have something to do with my filmmaking journey.

Anyhow, check back from time to time!
Jeff Palmer

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