Monday, September 26, 2005


15 minute mark

just passed the 15 minute mark today. Hip hop hooray.

i was able to include a few shots that I thought were going to be problems due to audio levels, but managed to adjust and EQ with Sound Forge - so the good bits were salvaged.

Gail Varney, Frank's daughter, has been super helpful with getting me names and additional information from Rochester NH where she lives. Hi Gail!

I'm sure it will be a pleasant fall there as usual...

Anyhow, time for a break. Maybe a yogurt and some fruit.

Rebecca and I watched "The Aviator" last night. Quite a movie about a rather tweaked individual. I didn't know a lot about Howard Hughes. It would seem there is a fine line between being DRIVEN and being CRAZY and sure walked it.

still, his passion for flight was totally unique. the Hercules was unreal.


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