Tuesday, September 27, 2005


don't wanna be a tweaker...

don't want to start adjusting too many things right now. gotta get another 5 minutes done.

it's starting to look like the doc will be 20 minutes. I could add a helluva lot more footage, but there are things to consider:

1) less is more. I'd rather have people watch FTB and be left with a little bit of longing for more at the end. better that than drag them through hours of clips. there's so much great material, but one of my mantras was "Bring it back to barbering"

2) again, if it feels clunky and slow, it is.

3) there really is only so much people want to know. This isn't a Ken Burns civil war epic. It's a personal piece on a fantastic person that did a lot with his life. He was a barber, a family man, a soldier, veteran, dee-jay, grandfather... etc etc... Maybe I'll include some outtakes on the DVD, but even that could get crazy. better to condense it down to the essence.

4) I'm trying to avoid falling into another time trap. That would be me saying "Well, there are a few shots I need to get... might take another few months." Nonsense. I have 100% of the footage and don't need anymore. Maybe a few photos that could come in handy, but i'll have to put my foot down at some point. Better now than... well, in 10 more years!

5) I'd rather have a solid 20 minutes than a mediocre 30 minutes. Twenty minutes is perfect for festivals. Hell, even 15 minutes would be fine. As long as people's attention is whetted that's what counts. When an audience starts ho-humming... cut!

well, that's kinda how it goes for now. Feeling good. Can't believe it's going to happen.

check out www.FrankTheBarber.com for more information.


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