Saturday, September 17, 2005


editing a documentary is like...

...wrangling a herd of cats!

there's SO much footage! here's a baby step for today:

there's a segment that I wanted to include in my story about Frank the Barber. Basically he starts a petition to keep the Big Band hits playing on a Seacoast AM station. He sends the list in - over 300 names - and then general manager, Al Perry, pays a visit to Frank's shop with a complimentary mug and all. They end up keeping the oldies radio format on air (don't know if it's still going).

Anyhow, the quality of the footage and interview was marginal at best - my fault for being a novice director - but oh well. I don't want to overlook this sub-plot in Frank's story. So I've decided to add a scripted voice over of me exlpaining the situation along with images of my visit to the radio station talking to Al Perry. It wasn't what I hoped for, but it will still convey the breadth of Frank's passion for music and keeping traditions alive.

In the end, it's all about whittling down the essence of the story; the kernels. The segment will end of being about 1-minute long, which is fine.

So, another day in the ever evolving process of cutting a documentary.
It will get done at some point!

Oh yeah, here's a link to a fellow creative comrade's blog: Studio 1010 Check it out.

Stay tuned...

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