Friday, September 16, 2005


a few things

went to a gathering tonight on campus with Rebecca. called Caduceus Club. It's a vet thing. lots of food and kegs of beer - which were tapped completely in 1.5 hours. A nice social event for students and faculty. Nothing like grillin', chillin and swillin on a friday evening...

wanted to add a new link: BigScreenTees

If you make movies or just watch them, these shirts are for you.

spent some time editing Frank yesterday. lots more to do.

trying to get some Tee-shirt orders into production. The local ACE store bought a bunch. I think they will sell. Gotta sell more... Maybe the upcoming holidays will help.

I almost feel like I'm back in the days of peddling my goods around door to door, store to store. "Hey, wanna buy some snake oil?"

in a way, i guess it's no different!

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