Friday, September 23, 2005


Frank would be proud - I'm cuttin' up a storm

man. I don't know why it's taken me this long to get busy with editing Frank the Barber, but all I can say is, the time has come.

up to 7 minutes. while this may not seem like a lot, in documentary speak it's a damn miracle.

hopefully i won't jinx myself with this excitement.
gotta stay focused.

anyhow, i'm just stoked it's happening.

my only hurdle will be MUSIC RIGHTS and CLEARANCES. if anyone has ideas, let me know. I'm pretty sure I can send it out to festivals, but DVD sales is another ball of wax. That's the only thing I see getting in the way.

post here or email with any advice. I'm basically using big band hits.



re: music rights & clearances, often times you'd be surprised. some of the lesser-known stuff may not be as hard or as expensive as you might think. especially if you can write a letter to the artist directly. sounds like most of the stuff you want to use might be old enough where a publisher owns the rights, so hopefully lawyers won't get in the way. for a small project like this, it prob won't be that big of a deal...
thanks stagegrin
i'm sure you're right.
with any luck it won't be a problem. i'm moving forward and using what I like. if I have to swap it out later, then so be it.
~ jeff
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