Sunday, September 11, 2005


okay. time to get busy...

Now that I've had time to get some things straightened out with my line of Tee-shirt designs at I can spend next week working on FTB (Frank the Barber). Editing is a lot like a foreign language. If you're not constantly using it and immersed in the culture, your ability to communicate becomes rusty, clunky even. You forget meanings, phrases and how to pronounce even the simplist of words.

That's what editing is like, for me at least. If I'm not in the "zone", knee-deep cutting the story day to day, hour to hour, I lose steam and forget what I was doing. My focus is shot. This is probably the biggest pitfall in the documentary process: putting the project on the proverbial "back burner". Or side burner for that matter!

It's important to stick with the flow and go, go, go... So! Even though next week I have meetings to shop my goods to local stores for sale, I will make the time to sit down and plow through another session of Frank. It's the only way.

My buddy Tim heard someone say before: If you have to eat a shit sandwich, don't nibble.

Now, I'm not saying this documentary is a shit sandwich. Please! By far. Perhaps, to coin another phrase: I've managed to make a mountain out of a mole hill??

Like I said. Time to get busy and climb up that mountain of a mole hill - again.

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