Saturday, September 24, 2005


recovering from fun

went out last night, downtown davis, and met up with Rebecca and her vet entourage at Delta of Venus. great place, powerful beer. I had several La Fin Du Monde - "The End of the World" and let me tell you... the name justifies the experience. Whoa!

anyhow, it was fun to get crazy. Also met up with Liam a fellow film friend and bumped into a few other folks - Fernando "Whitepants" Valdez!

Bec played it smart and went home early. I decided to stay up and party. (usually it's the other way around :) all things being equal, a good time was had by all. certainly won't be doing that for a while...

needless to say, didn't get much of anything done today. no big deal. that's the way fun works. play then, pay later.


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