Wednesday, September 28, 2005


slow day - but that's okay


had to deal with some router and computer stuff. gotta get an external drive for all these video clips. they do add up!

low energy today as well. kinda hot, muggy... miss the cool New England weather this time of year. although I hear it's been rather nice. good for all the friends and family back home.

was able to cut part of the ending. looks good.

there will be MUCH audio tweaking to do, but not right now.

once the rough is done I'm going to sit and watch ALL of the original tapes from beginning to end. this way I can assure myself that I didn't overlook any gems. It will make me feel less paranoid down the road. "Oh shoot! I shoulda included that!"

with any luck this won't happen.

well, there you have it for wed. Sept. 28th


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