Sunday, October 02, 2005


almost... almost there...


okay. today, sunday, I put together the end credits. I wanted to include some outtakes and tidbits that didn't make the cut, so I used them for the credit sequence. they are a lot of fun and really add to the ending.

what do I have left?

well, I have to write my voiceover for the final minute montage. this will prove to be a challenge for certain. while i have a decent segue right now, it'll still be tough to wrap it all up. that's my next thing to tackle.

also, I will be going back and fixing audio and rerecording a few things. no big deal.

my goal is to maybe get this first draft done by next week so I can get some DVDs made and send them to a few folks for feedback.

it's getting down to the wire. can't believe it only took me 2 weeks to get this far in editing, but there was a lot of prepping that had taken place over the last few years... so it's not like it all just happened overnight. these things need to sit around a while apparently.

that's it for now. Hey! Here's a link to some pics from the KDRT raido B-day party.
Check it out!
jeff (aka DJ Jammy Pants)

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