Thursday, November 10, 2005


workin' it


well now... wanted to mention a few things here.

My fellow film fanatic from Davis, Liam Creighton, (his blog here) and I just finished a 2-day shoot in San Fran at a conference for Camp Niche. Now it's on to editing. When complete I will be sure to post a link here. It will be fun (that is my hope).

I have received several requests for Frank DVD screeners! This is good. Was kinda feeling down a bit regarding the initial lackluster response from my direct mail piece - but I finally heard from 2 of the more influential barbering organizations in America, so this will only help.

Currently I am adjusting a few video files before getting the final DVD screener ready. This isn't the final version of the movie! Just the promotional screener.

I am buying a printer that can print on DVDs - which will really make the package look great.

And I have to get a new LCD screen. My main monitor bit the dust - after 7 years! - so I really do feel like I squeezed every bit of worth from it. A ViewSonic A70. R.I.P.

So, the next 2 weeks will be post post post. Lots of work ahead. I'm also waiting for some sample DVD files from a buddy in Grass Valley who is helping with my feature "On the Fringe".

Lots of stuff happening. Which is nice this time of year. Usually Nov & Dec. can be terribly slow and (gulp) depressing. This year, not so much. A good thing.

That's it for now. Stay tuned!
~ Jeff

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